May 16, 2022 R = request
Main Jack Off Jill - Fear Of Dying
Vision Video - Comfort In the Grave
Cetu Javu - Situations
Marsheaux - Leave In Silence
Duran Duran - Friends Of Mine
Faderhead - TZDVR
TR/ST - Grouch
Imperative Reaction - Scorpio
Ministry - Effigy
Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting
Muse - Hysteria
Covenant - Lightbringer
IAMX - Your Joy Is My Low
Priest - A Signal In the Noise
Love & Rockets - Ball of Confusion
Gary Numan - Are Friends Electric?
The Cure - Lullaby
Coil - Windowpane
Depeche Mode - It's No Good
Kid Moxie - Shine
Nine Inch Nails - Sanctified
LAZERPUNK - Power (Sierra Remix)
Ayria - No One Asked You
Aesthetic Perfection - The SirenR
Combichrist - Prince Of E-Ville
Kontravoid - Too DeepR
Infravision - Wasteland (feat. Zanias)R
The Last Dance - NightmaresR
Fawns Of Love - Waiting For Dali's CarR
She Wants Revenge - Out Of ControlR
The Tear Garden - In Search of My Rose
Massive Attack - Black Milk
TR/ST - Capitol
Corvad - Tesla
KMFDM - Virus (Pestilence Mix)
3̤̱͕͢ ̱̣͕̜̀͟͜T̹̜̗͈̠̼̀Ę̶̻E̵̢̤̩T̢̡͕̦̥̦͍̟̳̩ͅH̰̼̺͎ - Pumped Up Kicks
Kavinsky - Nightcall
The Nuns - Anita
Dead Can Dance - The Ubiquitous Mr. LovegroveR
Florence + The Machine - Heavy In Your Arms
iamamiwhoami - shadowshow
VNV Nation - When Is the Future?
Stromkern - Stand UpR
Wumpscut - Christfuck
Depeche Mode - Enjoy the SilenceR
Nine Inch Nails - Only
Faderhead - Noise. Voices. Noise. Silence.
Assemblage 23 - SorryR
Mari Kattman - Is It Really That Bad (Neuroticfish Remix)
GHOST COP - Softer Than Spoken
ULTRA SUNN - Keep Your Eyes Peeled (Kontravoid Remix)
Ashbury Heights - Glow
Night Club - Schizophrenic
Ministry - Everyday Is Halloween
Fad Gadget - Collapsing New People
Sisters Of Mercy - Black PlanetR
Switchblade Symphony - Mine EyesR
The Cure - A Forest
Cold Cave - Promised Land
She Past Away - Ruh
Gary Numan - My Name Is RuinR
Aesthetic Perfection - Love Like Lies
Prometheus Burning - We R the Gods
Wingtips - Deaf Pursuit
Wolfsheim - Touch
Die Form - Rain Of Blood
Hante. - Burning
Austra - Painful Like
Glaring - Leere
Lounge DJ Sage NNHMN - Lovelorn
Rina Pavar - A New Time (Featuring Darcy Hard)
Boy Harsher - Give Me A Reason
SDH - All Of That (Pablo Bozzi Remix)
Xenia Beliayeva - Alexander
Ministry - We Believe
Front Line Assembly - Black March (WLDV Edit)
Panther Modern - Body/Reaction (Remix)
Years Of Denial - Resonance
S Y Z Y G Y X - Fragile, Handle With Care
Skelesys - The Scorpion Sting
Grossstadtgeflüster - Ich Bin Hui Du Bist Buh Du Bist Schubi Ich Bin Du
EM_LEN - Divide
Menthüll - Face au Mur
Mareux - Spectral Tease (DJ FN1 Edit)
Depeche Mode - World In My Eyes (Cicada Remix)
Clan Of Xymox - Obsession
Röyksopp - This Must Be It
Crystal Castles - Vanished
TR/ST - Chrissy E
Sextile - Disco
Mannequin - Take Me To The Club
Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Frank Sinatra
Patriarchy - Suffer (Kontravoid Remix)
Nine Inch Nails - Into the Void
Lana Del Rey - Gods And Monsters
Depeche Mode - Stripped
Orville Peck - Dead of Night
Bat For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do

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