March 11, 1996 R = request
Garbage - Vow
Red Temple Spirits - Dive In Deep
Fields Of the Nephilim - Love Under Will
The Mission - Dance On Glass
The Cure - The Figurehead
Clan Of Xymox - No Human Can Drown
Sisters Of Mercy - Blood Money
Dead Can Dance - The TrialR
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Nothing Wrong
Head On Fire - Nostalgia
Cassandra Complex - Nightfall
Godflesh - SlavestateR
Steril - Lies
KMFDM - Juke Joint JezebelR
Thrill Kill Kult - And This Is What The Devil Does!R
Siouxsie - Face To FaceR
Einst├╝rzende Neubauten - Yu GungR
Skinny Puppy - AssimilateR
Peter Murphy - Indigo EyesR
Sinead O'Connor - MandinkaR
Pet Shop Boys - RentR
Battery - Nevermore
Bel Canto - Shimmering, Warm And BrightR
Switchblade Symphony - Clown
Nine Inch Nails - SinR
The Young Gods - Did You Miss MeR
Nick Cave - Red Right HandR
White Zombie - Thunderkiss '65R
Siouxsie - IsraelR
The Sisterhood - Giving Ground
Depeche Mode - StrippedR
Tori Amos - Caught A Lite SneezeR
Bolshoi - A WayR
Snog - Hey Christian God R
Partridge Family - I Think I Love You
Secession - SneakyvilleR
Project Pitchfork - SoulsR
Templebeat - Interzone
Pop Will Eat Itself - Ich Bin Ein AuslanderR
When In Rome - The PromiseR
Here We Burn - My Death My Life
Sisters Of Mercy - RibbonsR
Play Dead - BloodstainsR
Nine Inch Nails - ReptileR
Dragon - Rain
David Bowie - Rebel RebelR
New Order - Dreams Never End
March Violets - Snake DanceR
Hate Dept. - New Power
Thrill Kill Kult - Sex On WheelzR
Adam Ant - Desperate But Not SeriousR
Duran Duran - The ChauffeurR
Cocteau Twins - PersephoneR
The Creatures - Standing There
Dead Can Dance - Echolalia
Kate Bush - Jig of Life
New Model Army - UntitledR
Rosetta Stone - AdrenalineR
Skinny Puppy - TestureR
Front 242 - Don't Crash
Swans - Celebrity LifestyleR
The Wake - WatchtowerR
Soft Cell - Sex DwarfR
Ministry - Everyday Is HalloweenR
Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack - This Is Halloween
Siouxsie - Halloween
Das Ich - Kain Und Abel
Xmal Deutschland - MondlichtR
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - RelaxR
Alien Sex Fiend - Ignore The MachineR
Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again
Pet Shop Boys - Domino DancingR
The Cure - Burn
Bauhaus - Muscle In PlasticR
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come On EileenR

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