July 27, 2020 R = request
Main Boy Harsher - Send Me A Vision
Hypnocrates - Unemotional
Wendy Bevan - Falling (VOGUE​.​NOIR Remix)
S. Product - Bell Tolls
NABTA - Lovely Daze
Kontravoid - Hold Nothing
Balvanera - Compression (The Absent)
Gary Numan - Ghost Nation
Empathy Test - Doubts
Linea Aspera - Fer-De-Lance
Dark-o-matic - Zugzwang
Kanga - Burn
ELZ and the Cult - Faith in Me (S Y Z Y G Y X Remix​)
Peter Heppner - Just One Word (PixTom Mix)
Priest - Nightmare Hotel
Leather Strip - Blasphemous Rumors
PTP - Show Me Your Spine
Seelennacht - Ruins
The Damned - In Dulce Decorum
Siouxsie - Hall Of Mirrors
Diorama - Nebulus
Alter Der Ruine - Tiny Wars & Quiet Storms
Austra - Beat And the Pulse
Meg Myers - Running Up That Hill
Covenant - Dead StarsR
Boy Harsher - Come CloserR
LCD Soundsystem - TribulationsR
Styx - Come Sail Away
Enya - Orinoco Flow
Deftones - Wax and Wane
Q Lazzarus - Goodbye HorsesR
Siouxsie - Cities In Dust
Chelsea Wolfe - The Warden
Clan Of Xymox - A Million Things
Duran Duran - Wild Boys
Visitor - Tombs
NNHMN - Hero
Lovers Guilt - Moon Lit Room
Sigsaly - Push
Linea Aspera - Event Horizon
Bragolin - To Hide To Shine To Cross
Geometric Vision - Slowemotion
Dance My Darling - The Fairy Tale Has No Happy End
VNV Nation - A Million
Dismantled - No Escape
Funker Vogt - Der Letzte Tanz (Tanzmix)
Aesthetic Perfection - Spit It Out
Faderhead - You Can't Resist
Komor Kommando - Photographic (feat. Lis van den Akker)
She Past Away - Ritüel
iamnoone - Stillborn
Joy Division - She's Lost Control
TR/ST - Colossal
And One - Enjoy the Unknown
White Ring - For Rotation
Thrill Kill Kult - Rivers Of Blood, Years Of Darkness
Teresa Caballo - White Boy
Cold Cave - Underworld USA
Djedjotronic - Are Friends Electric
Body Of Light - Time To Kill (Cooper Saver Remix)
Panic Priest - Shiver And Crawl (Visceral Anatomy remix)
Fleetwood Mac - Gypsy
Eddie Money - Take Me Home Tonight
Dead Kennedys - Viva Las Vegas
Not-So-Ebb - Stay Inside Your Home
Miss Kittin - Rippin Kitten (Butcher mix by Skinhead Brian)
Panic Lift - Hold On
Stromkern - Stand Up (radio edit)
Gary Numan - My Name Is Ruin
OMD - If You Leave
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Impression That I Get

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