August 1, 2020 R = request
Main DJ Sage Gary Numan - Down In The Park (Piano Version)
Princess Chelsea - Come As You Are
Depeche Mode - Newborn
Zeigeist - The Lake
Marsheaux - Now This Is Fun
The Cure - Fascination Street (Remix)
FRACTIONS - Alteration
Bestial Mouths - In Ruins
Maenad Veyl - Stranger feat. Years of Denial
Punx Soundcheck - Black Rose (Featuring Gene Serene)
Little Big - Skibidi
Rebel Yell - Toxic
DJ Melting Girl Mr. Kitty - Cycle Of Violence
Anthony Jones - Long Live the Queen
Wumpscut - Is It You
Gary Numan - Pray for the Pain You Serve
Aesthetic Perfection - Under Your Skin
MXMS - Gravedigger
Priest - Nightmare Hotel
Night Club - Schizophrenic
Apoptygma Berzerk - Soma ComaR
Scheuber - Human
VNV Nation - Chrome
Minerve - Phoenix
DJ Bit S. Product - TNT
Blitzmaschine - Blondes Mädchen
Sextile - Hazing
SDH - Your Next Story
Zanias - Extinction
Linea Aspera - Malarone
Crystal Castles - Not In Love (w/ Robert Smith)
Sydney Valette - Ambiance Survivaliste
Buzz Kull - New Kind Of Cross
Emmon - Like A Drum
DAF - Der Mussolini
Orange Sector - Es Ist So Wie Es Ist
DJ Joe Radio The Neon Judgement - Chinese Black
Einstürzende Neubauten - Feurio!
Rob Zombie - Dragula
The Knife - Heartbeats
Björk - Army Of Me
Siouxsie - Here Comes That Day
Iris - Waves Crash In (Midnight Sky Mix)
NNHMN - Special
Chainreactor - Riot
Leather Strip - Deep Down Trauma Hounds
Cyberaktif - Nothing Stays
DJ Sage Mr. Kitty - I Hope You Fall Apart (DJ Sage Remix)
KOMPROMAT - Traum Und Existenz
SUPERNOVA 1006 - Through Me
Boy Harsher - Come CloserR
S Y Z Y G Y X - Kill The Pain
Nostalghia - Homeostasis
Chelsea Wolfe - Carrion Flowers
DJ Melting Girl Rachid Taha - Barra Barra
Rotersand - Exterminate Annihilate Destroy
Stoppenberg - Fearless
Faderhead - I Did Not Know (feat. Solar Fake)
Front 242 - Rhythm Of Time
Nine Inch Nails - Into the Void
DJ Bit DSM-V - Into Nothing
Bragolin vs. Adam Tristar - I Go With You
Street Fever - In Your Lungs
Kontravoid - Cost Of LifeR
Fee Lion - Blood Sisters
Soho Rezanejad - Idolatry
Qual - Take Me HigherR
DJ Joe Radio TR/ST - Icabod
Clan Of Xymox - My New Lows
Lebanon Hanover - The Silent Choir
She Past Away - Durdu Dünya (Boy Harsher Remix)
Covenant - We Want Revolution
Hocico - Sex Sick
Cabaret Voltaire - Don't Argue
DJ Sage Tempers - Trains
Creux Lies - Made
Jessie Evans - Is It Fire?
Nick Cave - The Ballad of Robert Moore and Betty Coltrane
April March - Chick Habit
The Creatures - Standing There
DJ Melting Girl Depeche Mode - Stripped
Skinny Puppy - The Choke
PTP - Rubber Glove SeductionR
Noisuf-X - Menschen 2.0R
Front Line Assembly (Feat. Robert Görl) - Eye On You (Album Mix)R
DJ Joe Radio Coil - The Anal Staircase
Nitzer Ebb - Warsaw Ghetto
Pzycho Bitch - Wake Up (SITD remix)
Fractal Age - Red

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