August 31, 2020 R = request
Main Blind Delon - Elle
Forever Grey - Common Coffin
Hapax - Truth Or Lie
Ash Code - Drama
Twin Tribes - Heart & Feather
DILK - Permafrost
Panther Modern - Ask Yourself
HEALTH & Youth Code - Innocence
White Ring - Puppy
Strangers - It Was A Sin
Sting - Desert Rose
Dead Can Dance - The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
Humanist - Shock Collar (featuring Dave Gahan) (IYEARA rmx)
Night Club - Miss Negativity
Onuka - Vidlik
Kosheen - Addict
Rein - Bruises
Rotersand - Hot Ashes (Stigmata Remix)
Pete Crane - You Are Not Your Body (Tragic Impulse Remix)
Front 242 - Take One (Kant Kino remix)
Meat Beat Manifesto - Helter Skelter
Clan Of Xymox - This World
Sisters Of Mercy - More
In Death It Ends - The Nature Of All Things
Thrill Kill Kult - The Days Of Swine And Roses (KMFDM Remix)
Covenant - We Want Revolution
Front 242 - Quite Unusual
Panic Priest - Shiver And Crawl (Visceral Anatomy remix)
La Mécanique - Devant Nous L'Incertitude
Romy - Abduct Me
The Church - Reptile
Johnny Cash - Hurt
Banks - Beggin For Thread
Ashbury Heights - Glow
Tones On Tail - Go!
VNV Nation - Chrome
Panic Lift - Hold On
New Order - True Faith
Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Front Line Assembly - Digital Tension Dementia
Death In Rome - Pump Up The Jam
Nitzer Ebb - Fun To Be Had
DSM-V - Function
Razorback Hollow - Your Temple
Rein - Off The Grid
Lassigue Bendthaus - Ashes To Ashes
And One - Military Fashion Show
Assemblage 23 - Welcome, Apocalypse
Frozen Plasma - Sailor
Solar Fake - Just Like This (Patenbrigade Wolff Remix)
Funker Vogt - Ce-3 (First Contact)
Front Line Assembly - Exhale
IAMX - Spit it OutR
Zanias - Aletheia
The Foreign Resort - Hearts Fade Out
Kontravoid - Undone
Wumpscut - Embryodead (Deejaydead Remixx)R
KMFDM - Professional KillerR
TR/ST - Rescue, Mister
Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth
Drab Majesty - Dot In the Sky
Sisters Of Mercy - Walk AwayR
Boy Harsher - Come Closer
Nine Inch Nails - Copy of A
The Soft Moon - Feel
Skinny Puppy - Assimilate
The Cure - The Baby Screams
Neuroticfish - They're Coming To Take Me Away
Weebl - Amazing Horse
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Siouxsie - SpellboundR
The Damned - I Just Can't Be Happy Today
Sisters Of Mercy - This Corrosion
Camper Van Beethoven - Take The Skinheads Bowling
Snog - The BalladR
Pixies - Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)
XTC - Dear God
Midnight Oil - Put Down That Weapon
Moev - Crucify Me (12" version)
Rotersand - Electronic World Transmission
Aesthetic Perfection - Antibody
The Dream Academy - Life In A Northern Town
Wolfsheim - The Sparrows and the Nightingales

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